Saturday, May 23, 2009

I don't know where they got it, but I'm glad they do...

OK, bragging time. I am so proud of my kids! They both brought home straight A's on their report cards. For the whole year Carter made 1 B and HG only made 1 B. Everything else was all A's. I don't know where they got their brains but I'm so glad they have them. I was really nervous for HG this year because I knew it would be harder than all of the others but she sailed right through 4th grade. She ended up getting an award for the highest average in Math and Science for the year. Way to go kids, keep it up!!

School's Out!

School is out and I have survived my first year. To be honest, it went much better than I ever thought it would. I was so afraid that I would do something wrong and I would get moved to another school or grade. Now I know that I must have done ok because I am in the same school and the same grade. I really love GMS and I love the kids there too. I was sad to see some of them go and I will really miss them. Then there are those that I was glad to see walk out of my door and hopefully to never return. I know that sounds horrible but it is true.
I am now looking forward to spending the summer with my family and refreshing my body and brain for next year. Even though this school year just ended, I am looking forward to what next year has to bring.
Here are some pics of my (school) kids at field day, intramurals, etc. Good Times!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Parents and The Music City Marathon

I am so proud of my parents. They walked the 1/2 Marathon last week-end. There is no end to the ways that they inspire me.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Awesome creations and a FREE give-a-way!!

Check out my friend's blog for some really awesome handmade creations. She is so talented! You can even register for a free giveaway. Tell her that Stacey P. sent you.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Catch up

I have not posted in such a long time. Baseball/softball season has started so that's where we are most of the time. I am officially a Facebook junkie so most of the time my blog is the last thing that I update.
Life is good but busy. School is pretty much "off the hook" with kids behaving like I never dreamed possible. This is not a good thing. I would have never thought of acting the way that most of my 6th graders are acting. TCAP's are next week and Lord help me after that. When TCAP's are over, the kids usually think school is over so I expect behavior to get much worse. Good news is that there are only 29 days left of school...not that I'm counting. And on to summer, my favorite part of the year. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break!!

Oh, how I love Spring Break! I love being out with the kids and the weather has been great all week.

We had HG's birthday party on Tuesday. She had a "Girls Day Out". It was a lot of fun. They got their nails done, went out to lunch, back home for ice cream and cookie (she wanted a big cookie instead of cake), and then to the park.

Today (Thurs) we went to Toys R Us to spend HG's birthday money and Carter's Christmas money. She ended up with Littlest Pet Shop things and Carter got a new DS game. They are in heaven right now playing with their new toys.

Carter is playing in a baseball tournament this weekend in Springfield. He has 5 games to play, 1 on Friday and 4 on Sat. It will definitely be a long day.

This break has gone by way too fast but I sure have enjoyed it.

Happy Birthday to my baby girl who will be 10 years old on March 25. I love you baby, you will ALWAYS be my little girl!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life's about to get crazy...but I love it!!

So just when you think life is settling down, you get picked back up in the whirl wind again.
The 6th graders at school have lost their minds. Well, I'm not sure that they really had any to begin with. They have spring fever way too early which has me scared to death for when spring actually gets here. Sometimes they are too much to control. There are some days when they put me in a really good mood and I leave school thinking how lucky I am to have such a great job. Then there are other days when I leave there with the mind-set of, "What was I thinking"... I am having way too many days of the later.
Baseball and Softball are kicking off. Tim has agreed to help coach HG's team. She is so excited to have him helping with her team. They both officially start practice this week. She will be having practice on Monday and Thursday with dance on Wed. so I figure Carter will have practice on Tuesday and Friday and then some in between. I'm sure we will be busy with that most nights of the week. Either way, now that Tim is working days he will be able to attend all of them even though he will be late for a few.
Carter started running a fever last night and has had one all day. Then he informed me this afternoon that 6 kids were absent on Friday and some of them had strep. Hopefully he will be feeling better soon and no one else will get it. I can't get him to the Dr. now until Monday to get him some antibiotics. I don't know why they don't call medicine in over the phone like they use to. It would be so much easier.
Anyway sorry for the "poor me" post. It was not intended to be that way, but I sure feel better being able to vent.
I was saying all of this to mean that I love the business of life. My kids and family are my life. I love the memories that are being made and the fun being had while doing it. We love baseball/softball season. We love to watch our kids in action. WE ARE TRULY BLESSED!!